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The Hiccup philosophy

Hiccup is here to do something new and different to what currently exists within mobile insurance. Our policies are inspired by real-life problems, and our team of experts are dedicated to getting our customers back up and running as fast as possible.

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  1. A minor or major problem or setback.

Life is full of things that can happen out of the blue. We know that your phone means a lot to you and you wouldn't want to be without it for long.

Because let's face it, hiccups do happen.

How we're here for you

So, are you looking for a mobile insurance provider who will be there for you when you have a hiccup? Do you want experts on your side? And do you want your phone insurance to be quick and easy?

That’s why we exist: to provide the mobile phone cover you need. From minor incidents like smashing the screen of your shiny new iPhone 6, to major hiccups like losing your smartphone when you’re out and about. Our Minor and Major Hiccup Cover can help you breathe easily with complete reassurance – all from just £1.49 a month.

Fast service times

These days, if something happens to your phone, you're not just losing your phone – you're waving goodbye to your diary, address book, music player, personal planner and media centre. This means that time is of the essence, which is why we provide:

  • Door-to-door replacement phone within 1 working day1
  • 24/7/365 online claims process – always available, always there for you
  • Real-time claims decisions

Industry-recognised expertise

We are proud to offer mobile phone insurance solutions that are approved and recognised by some of the biggest names in the mobile phone and insurance industry:

  • Our policies are underwritten by Aviva, the UK's insurance leader
  • Our refurbished replacement phones are accredited by manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung
  • We use only genuine parts and repair processes for our phones

Expert remedies and cures

Facing a technical hiccup, often when you least expect it, can be tough. That's why we offer our Remedies and Cures: expert tips and advice to help you take a deep breath and get the help and information you need. Our Hiccup Remedies and Cures include:

  • Step-by-step guides on how to track/lock/wipe your phone
  • How-to guides on improving your phone safety
  • Phone insurance tips and advice

An insurance brand that's different from the rest

We're an insurance company that's built for everyday people based on real-life events serviced by a UK-based team with personality!

  • Homegrown with UK-based call centres and repair labs
  • Our policies are inspired by real-life events
  • We save you minutes by calling you back at a time that suits you
  • Simple processes and easy-to-understand terms and conditions

We hope you don't have too many hiccups. However, if you do, we are here to help.